David Martin


By David Martin, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
(Candlewick Press)

This Brand New Reader collection: Piggy’s Bath, Piggy’s Bedtime, Piggy’s Pictures, and Piggy’s Sandwich are exactly the kinds of stories experts know children need when they are just starting to read. They are short and funny, with words and pictures that help children reading for the very first time succeed, and have fun. So see what happens when Piggy takes a bath with all the toys he can carry or what happens at bedtime after Dad reads to him and kisses him good night. And if you like these, try the four other Piggy and Dad stories in the Piggy And Dad Play, collection.

Selected Works

For Peep and Ducky, summer is fun, but when it snows, that’s really exciting. Racing their sleds, rolling in the snow, building a snowman, tobogganing with Momma and Poppa – WHOOO-EEEE!
Skelly isn’t alone in this adventure. He’s got a snake, ants, a chicken and a team of children to help put his scattered bones together again. And that’s good because it’s Halloween, and Skelly really wants to go trick-or-treating.
Get some blankets and pillows, make a bear den and snuggle in with Momma and her two cubs. But don’t forget to run around first and eat a lot so you’re ready for a long winter’s sleep.
Lucky, lucky, lucky, these two are together again, first creating a bit of havoc inside and then out in the elements. And don’t they make the most of that?
When these two friends meet in the park, they play as only little ones can. If a child’s job is to play, these two are pros. Lucky, lucky, Peep and Ducky.
When Grandpa Crow throws a party in a tree with games, food, music and dancing, all the forest critters come. And you’re invited too!
Little Bunny is tired of being the smallest. But thanks to some Christmas magic and an enchanted tree, he gets teenier still-- and has a BIG adventure.
Sweet illustrations and simple language bring the holidays to life for the youngest of children.
Sweet illustrations and simple language bring the holidays to life for the youngest of children.
Grandma Cat bakes an apple pie. There’s plenty for everyone and even a piece left over. And what happens to that piece? There lies the - sweet from beginning to end - story.
We’ve got hands for clapping, feet for kicking, and lots more too. But best of all we’ve got bellybuttons for tickle-tickle-tickling.
Piggy is going fishing with Dad for the very first time, and he couldn’t be more excited. But, when he comes face to face with the bait – an irresistibly cute worm – tender-hearted Piggy starts thinking about the sport in a whole new way.
Five little stories, one for each little piggy at the end of your foot.
Four stories that are full of good natured monkey trouble like popping balloons and pretending to eat worms. These are fun to laugh at and written and illustrated so they’re easy for the youngest readers to read.
Monkey, David's first Brand New Reader character stars in four funny stories for children just ready to read on their own.
Four short, funny stories with words and pictures that help children reading for the very first time succeed and have fun.
Piggy and his dad are back again with four more funny Brand New Reader stories. As always they are just right for children who like jokes and are ready to start reading on their own
These two frogs hop, swim, play tag, and answer the question, “Can frogs fly?” And all in the Brand New Reader format that’s just right for beginning readers,
Four Brand New Reader stories featuring Sister, Brother and Baby Bear swimming, dancing and playing.
Baby Bear’s antics lead to unexpected results as he returns with Brother Bear and Sister Bear in four simple, funny stories